Danielle has been my collaborator on the OWL project and lots of my current thinking is inspired by our exchange and collaboration. Danielle’s phd can be found here.

Danielle describes our collaboration like this:

“Like all of the collaborations discussed in this exegesis, ours is characterized by dialogical exchange. Our processes and outcomes embody shared and complementary research concerns. Importantly, I report here outcomes and reflections based on my direct experience with participants, though use the pronoun “we” to emphasise the dialogical nature of our process.”

here is a paper detailing the idea of the suitcase as phd, written by Daria Loi.

“Alternative thesis formats that include the use of artefacts should be considered when:

  • the researcher intends to be consistent with the content discussed in the thesis;
  • the researcher intends to show in action theories or tools discussed in the thesis;
  • the researcher finds textual means unsuitable for delivering specific notions;
  • the researcher is better at expressing content via non-textual means; and
  • the content the researcher intends to portray is non-textual.

In such circumstances artefacts have the role of opening up new ways of articulating, accessing, and communicating research, fostering innovation and new modes of delivering postgraduate research.”