proposed experiment: Toverdrankje Wondermiddel Verandering

Toverdrankje Wondermiddel Verandering
als ik anders was dan ik ben…

This is a children’s version of The Placebo Apothecary. Working from a Lucy booth I will be available for children to mix their own magic potion. Using conversation and consultation I will determine which feeling or concern or wish each child wants to address and we will work together to create a suitable magical solution. The potions are made from oil, water, vinagar, salts, food coloring and spices. The child will take the bottle away with them.

Duration: on-going

Age range:  3 – 10 years old

Materials: oil. water, various spices and natural colorants such as cocoa, lavender, lemon, carotin and saffron.

Tools: Mortars, sieves, measuring cups and scales

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