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“Pretend play has recently been of great interest to researchers studying children’s understanding of the mind. One reason for this interest is that pretense seems to require many of the same skills as mental state understanding, and these skills seem to emerge precociously in pretense. Pretend play might be a zone of proximal development, an activity in which children operate at a cognitive level higher than they operate at in nonpretense situations. Alternatively, pretend play might be fool’s gold, in that it might appear to be more sophisticated than it really is. This paper first discusses what pretend play is. It then investigates whether pretend play is an area of advanced understanding with reference to 3 skills that are implicated in both pretend play and a theory of mind: the ability to represent one object as two things at once, the ability to see one object as representing another, and the ability to represent mental representations.”

Child development. 1993 Apr;64(2):348-71.
Pretend play skills and the child’s theory of mind.
Lillard AS
Stanford University, CA.

Toverdrankje Wondermiddel Verandering
als ik anders was dan ik ben…

This is a children’s version of The Placebo Apothecary. Working from a Lucy booth I will be available for children to mix their own magic potion. Using conversation and consultation I will determine which feeling or concern or wish each child wants to address and we will work together to create a suitable magical solution. The potions are made from oil, water, vinagar, salts, food coloring and spices. The child will take the bottle away with them.

Duration: on-going

Age range:  3 – 10 years old

Materials: oil. water, various spices and natural colorants such as cocoa, lavender, lemon, carotin and saffron.

Tools: Mortars, sieves, measuring cups and scales